1Password Watchtower

Watchtower alerts you to security problems with the websites you use so you can keep all your accounts safe. It’s built right into 1Password.

Enter a valid website.

Get automatic alerts

You don't have to check every site. Watchtower highlights any security problems so you can change affected passwords. You can turn on Watchtower notifications to alert you right away.

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Watchtower alert in 1Password for Mac

Built in to 1Password

Watchtower integrates with Have I Been Pwned to see if any of your passwords have appeared in data breaches. It also flags weak or duplicate passwords, and websites where you can turn on two-factor authentication. All checks happen on your device so your data stays completely private.

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Watchtower with sections

Protect yourself with unique passwords

Password reuse is the most common way attackers gain access to your personal information. Keep your information secure with strong, unique passwords for every account. 1Password creates, saves, and fills them for you.

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Unique passwords

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